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Setting up and Customizing Jenkins X

Log on to Katacoda Istio training page, complete the first 2 steps and run these commands.

Install JX commandline tool

  • mkdir -p ~/.jx/bin
  • curl -L https://github.com/jenkins-x/jx/releases/download/v1.3.1096/jx-linux-amd64.tar.gz | tar xzv -C ~/.jx/bin
  • export PATH=$PATH:~/.jx/bin
  • echo 'export PATH=$PATH:~/.jx/bin' >> ~/.bashrc
  • jx version
  • jx upgrade cli

Check k8s compatibility

  • jx compliance run
  • jx compliance status
  • jx compliance results

Get Istio Ingress and install Jenkins X

  • cd /root
  • kubectl get svc -n istio-system -l istio=ingressgateway
  • Get your external IP
  • jx install --provider=kubernetes --external-ip {YOUR EXTERNAL IP} \
    --ingress-service=istio-ingressgateway \
    --ingress-deployment=istio-ingressgateway \

  • kubectl describe gateway -n istio-system
  • Finish off installation by providing your github and API keys
  • check if everything is there
  • kubectl get all -n jx
  • give it a go and create your first Spring Boot app....
  • jx create spring -d web -d actuator

Customizing Jenkins X

JX ships with a default Jenkins docker image jenkinsxio/jenkinsx which has many required plugins inside, I enhanced that original image with JIRA Pipeline steps plugin. Next I will provide my own build pack to providing custom pipeline steps for integrating these steps. 

Adapt jenkinsx base image

Add custom build pack

Customizing existing pipelines

easiest way is to change the pipelines interactively on your existing build pack with jx create step. Sometimes you simply want to enhance release pipelines with additional steps to integrate with JIRA to track your release process on JIRA tickets. Read customising Pipelines.


  • Install JIRA pipeline steps plugin
  • Define your own Jenkins pipeline Shared Library to abstract away the JIRA steps work like adding a comment
  • jx create step -p release -l postbuild -m post "jiraAddComment" (jiraAddComment being one of the functions you expose through your custom shared library)


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