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Manage applications on premises with Kubeapps

Kubeapps is a web-based UI for deploying and managing applications in Kubernetes clusters. Kubeapps allows you to:

  • Browse and deploy Helm charts from chart repositories
  • Inspect, upgrade and delete Helm-based applications installed in the cluster
  • Add custom and private chart repositories (supports ChartMuseum and JFrog Artifactory)
  • Browse and provision external services from the Service Catalog and available Service Brokers
  • Connect Helm-based applications to external services with Service Catalog Bindings
  • Secure authentication and authorization based on Kubernetes Role-Based Access Control

Watch the Kubeapps introduction video and read How to deploy your custom application using Kubeapps

Read the documentation

Give it a test drive on PlayWithKubernetes

Go to Play with Kubernetes side and follow up the instructions. Don't for get to set your kubectl context.

Install HELM

  • curl -LO https://storage.googleapis.com/kubernetes-helm/helm-v2.10.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz
  • tar -xvf helm-v2.10.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz
  • mv linux-amd64/helm /usr/local/bin/
  • helm init
  • helm repo update

Note: wait till tiller is running - kubectl get pods -w -n kube-system

Install Kubeapps

  • helm repo add bitnami https://charts.bitnami.com/bitnami
  • helm install --name kubeapps --namespace kubeapps bitnami/kubeapps
  • kubectl get pods -w --namespace kubeapps

Create Kubernetes API token

  • kubectl create serviceaccount kubeapps-operator
  • kubectl create clusterrolebinding kubeapps-operator --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=default:kubeapps-operator

Get access token and log on

  • export POD_NAME=$(kubectl get pods -n kubeapps -l "app=kubeapps,release=kubeapps" -o jsonpath="{.items[0].metadata.name}")
  • kubectl port-forward --namespace kubeapps $POD_NAME 8080:8080
  • Visit in your browser to access the Kubeapps Dashboard
  • Read the Dashboard user guide and enjoy the fun


Just a few HELM commands - Searching & Install

  • helm search mysql
  • helm inspect stable/mariadb
  • helm install stable/mariadb --name mydb
  • helm status mydb | grep Persist
  • kubectl run mydb-mariadb-clitn  --rm --tty -i --image bitnama/mariadb --command -- mysql -h mydb-mariadb
  • helm inspect values stable/mariadb
  • helm install -f config.yaml stable/mariadb
  • helm install -f config.yaml --set mariadbRootPassword=whatever stable/mariadb

Upgrading and rolling back releases

  • helm get values mydb
  • helm upgrade mydb --set mariadbDatabase=anotherdatabase
  • helm get values mydb
  • helm history mydb
  • helm rollback mydb 3
  • helm history mydb
  • helm list
  • helm delete mydb
  • helm list --all
  • helm delete --purge mydb
  • helm install --set subchart2.enabled=false
  • helm install --values=custom-values.yaml mychart

Managing charts

  • helm create mychart
  • helm package mychart
  • helm create mychart --starter mystarter (located at $HELM_HOME/starters)
  • helm deb up mychart (pull over all dependent charts to the charts sub directory)
  • helm template mychart
  • helm lint mychart
  • helm install mychart --name=productpage
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